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A Warm Welcome to the Updated RAF Seletar Official Website

** we are continually adding content to this website – last update July 15th 2015**

This website is here to help keep alive the memories of those many service personnel and others lucky enough to have served at RAF Seletar Singapore which was an active RAF station from 1928 through to 1971 (but for a couple of years in WWII during occupation by the Japanese). During that time many thousands of people have worked there or have been associated to it in some way.

RAF Seletar has an very colourful history, laying claim to many fascinating events, visited by Royals, celebrities and global adventurers in its long years of operation.

Where are all those people who were at Seletar, whether, service, civilian or as a son or daughter of someone serving there. We would love to hear from you; this is a great way to catch up with old chums.

Click the Memories button on the left and you will hopefully find memories & photographs of people who were there. Perhaps you will find someone you know. Why not add your own memories and perhaps someone will recognise you and contact you. This website contains information regarding the history, activities and general information about Seletar. It also has memories from those who served there (Service or Civilian), those who were spouses and the children who were at Seletar Schools.

Were you a member of a club or did you participate in any sporting activities? If so the Clubs & Sports Section will be of interest to you. There are a lot of gaps to fill, therefore if you can add any stories, photographs or anything else of interest please contact David Taylor

Please take note this website www.rafseletar.co.uk (also www.rafsa.co.uk) is the only official website of the RAF Seletar Association.

Our original website was once under our control. Sadly because the then webmaster, our entrusted keeper of same, disagreed (later a demand) with a request from the committe to remove items we never wanted nor ever asked for from the website he threw his toys out of the playpen and then claimed the website was actually his and refuses to transfer the domains to the association, where the names of course belong. If you happen by our stolen website please keep in mind that the content of that website is actually the property of this association. Naturally having had control wrenched from us the content relating to the association is of course not to be relied upon.

All attempts thus far to get our past webmaster to see sense has fallen on stony ground. We are of course considering legal action but in the meantime if you know of a way to get him to pull his finger out and grow up, please give it a go :-)