Ex RAF Mob Artists

Wandering through a side alley called The Arcade (just off the Market Square) in Newark on Trent the other day I happened upon a small art gallery. Attracted by the look of the place I glanced at some of the work on display through the small windows of the shop front. I was surprised to see there in the window a lovely painting of a Sunderland. The odd thing about this painting was the Sunderland was sitting on what appeared to be a long flat beach, a long way from any water, upon which many of the members will know was what made Sunderlands work!

Curiosity getting the better of me I entered the shop. A chap in is 60s (I think) came over asking me what it was about the image of the Sunderland that was interested in. I told him I was a member of the Royal Air Force Seletar Association and that it was at that base in Singapore where those magnificent aircraft were once based.

I asked if he was the artist which he confirmed, asking him what it was about the Sunderland that made him paint it. His name is Anthony (Tony) Goulding, and he told me he spend 22 years in The Mob in the RAF Regiment. I immediately told him of a warning I was once given when I was based at Uxbridge (the then home of QCS) “watch out for falling Rocks!”. Tony explained that he produced a whole variety of work from a wide range of subject which included RAF aircraft.

Tony showed me a couple more images of Sunderlands which were equally lovely. As we laughed and took the Mick out of each other, we were joined by another artist called Ron Freeman. “Johnnie Packer” Tony and I settled quickly on on discovering that Ron had done 12 years in Safety Equipment. Like Tony, Ron also had stunning paintings of RAF aircraft.

Here are three images (one obviously a cartoon) of Tony’s work.

And here are a few samples of Ron’s brilliant work.

What I would encourage any interested members to do it you would like to see work from either gentlemen (Oh yes mention Rock Apes and Johnnie Packers!)  is to give either of them a call and take it from there. Tony’s number is 01636 707616 or 07940 173651 email: cgoulding36@gmail.com and you can get in touch with Ron on 01636 684 042 and his email is ronfreeman29@hotmail.com