Dave Taylor Memories

Dave Taylor’s Memories: RAF and after

It was in 1949 that I exchanged my neckerchief and woggle for blue serge and beret, abandoning the Cubs to join my local ATC Squadron – 1323 Middleton. Then, in 1953, it was into the RAF as a Boy Entrant (18th Entry), trade: Inst (Nav). My term of engagement lasted through to April 1964.

Cosford and Dishforth: Hastings, Valetta, plus many other diverse types, the station being a Master Diversion.

Melksham and Seletar: Sunderland Kuala Lumpur: Westland Whirlwind RAAF Butterworth: Whirlwind, Sycamore Lyneham: Britannia Comet 2 and 4C, Beverley, Argosy, Hunter.

Although I enjoyed all my postings – training units apart – the outstanding ones were definitely Seletar and Lyneham, although in actual fact I seemed to spend more time travelling the globe than I did at Lyneham itself.

During this period I visited around 30 countries, a fairly common average in the Transport Command of the time I would have thought.

Leaving the RAF and aviation behind, for the next 35 years or so I worked in the Offshore Oil industry, clocking up a further 60 – 70 countries and boosting the aircraft types in which I had flown to 184, some of which could have been classed as decidedly dangerous, especially the Russian types flown by some of the lesser African Airlines, and the Chinese!

In my retirement years I slipped back into aviation side of things: RAFA, Seletar Association plus many other ex-RAF Associations, Aircraft Steward at Duxford and the like.
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