Denis Old Memories

Memories and Photos of Dennis ( Bill )Old

kindly supplied by his son, Ian Old

My father, Dennis William Connor Old, joined the RAF in October 1939. He was a supplier throughout his career.

The photographs were taken in 1949 at Seletar, at the start of his first FEAF tour, by which time he was a sergeant. He was married by this time, his wife (my mother) joining him after travelling to Singapore by troopship. They lived at 5, Mornington Cresent. His Seletar tour ended in 1951 when he was posted to Stafford.

He had a tour in Malaya (as it was then) at Kuala Lumpur, attached to 656 Sqn., Army Air Corps, starting around 1958. His final tour at Seletar (and at least his sixth overseas tour) started in September 1967 and ended in March 1970. He retired in 1970 after 31 years service and died the following year.

I would be very interested in finding out more about where on Seletar these pictures were taken. Nos. 1 and 3 seem to be taken in front of the swimming pool; the same one that I swam in in 1967? Does anyone know who the other people are? No.2 – in front of one of the many hangars at Seletar. What is the model of car? Nos.4, 7 and 12 all feature a strange precast lump of concrete. Where was it and what was it for? No.5. I assume it is Malaya is in the distance. Nos.8 and 13 show a foot bridge. Where was it and where did it lead to? Nos.9, 14 and 15 show the sports field, with accommodation blocks behind. Which ones are these? I believe there were eight on the base, A-H. No.10. What is the strange building behind and where was it on the base?

I have very many questions about Seletar, partly because I remember living there 1967-70. I would like to know which unit Dad was serving with in 1949 and where he lived prior to being joined by my mother, perhaps in the Sergeants’ Mess? If anyone recognises my Dad or just recalls some of the places, putting these pictures on the website will have been worthwhile.

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