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These donated books are available for members to borrow. Up to 5 books at a time can be lent to any one member. The library will accept books on the understanding that once donated, the book(s) become the property of the RAF Seletar Association. The subject matter must only be about the Allied and Commonwealth military forces in the Far East.

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WWII in Far East
A Freedom Dearly Bought Ernest Ackroyd Railway of death Paperback
A Town Like Alice Neville Shute   Paperback
All the Drowned Sailors Raymond B. Lech USS Indianapolis Paperback
Attack on Pearl Harbour Roger Parkinson Pearl Harbour and Singapore Hardback
Bamboo and Bushido Alfred Allbury PoW Paperback
Beyond the Chindwin Bernard Fergusson   Paperback
Bloody Buna Lida Mayo The battle of New Guinea Paperback
Branch Line to Burma John Durnford Death railway Paperback
Bridge House Peter Clague Kempeitai in Shanghai Paperback
Bushido James Holledge Japanese atrocities Paperback
Chindit Column Charles Carfrae General Wingate’s long range penetration force Hardback
Combat, the War with Japan Don Congleton (ed.) The history of the Japanese war Paperback
Dawns Like Thunder Alfred Draper The retreat from Burma Paperback
Death Railway Clifford Kinvig   Paperback
Defeat Into Victory Sir William Slim The war in Asia Paperback
Desperate Journey Francis Clifford Escape through Burma Paperback
Desperate Siege, The Battle of Hong Kong Ted Ferguson   Paperback
Destination Kwai Jack Shuttle PoW story (poor condition) Paperback
Empire of the Sun J. G. Ballard Fiction – Shanghai 1941 Paperback
Escape from Hell Walter Wallace POWs at Sandakan, Borneo Paperback
Escape from the Rising Sun Ian Skidmore Escape from Singapore Paperback
Fortress Kenneth Attiwill The defeat of Singapore Hardback
Ghost Cruiser HK33 H J Brennecke Naval War Paperback
From Hell to Eternity Peter Firkins Jungle camps of North Borneo Paperback
Hell’s Bonfire H.E. Newton Changi and the death railway Paperback
Hiroshima Adrian Weale (ed.)   Paperback
In the Arms of the Japanese J. E. Simons Australian army nurses in Sumatra Paperback
Japan ‘s War Edwin Hoyt Pacific conflict Paperback
Japan ‘s War at Sea David Thomas   Hardback
King Rat James Clavell Novel featuring Changi POW camp Paperback
Knights of the Bushido Lord Russell Japanese war crimes trials Paperback
Last Man Off Bataan Carlos Romulu America in the Pacific Paperback
Last Tenko Michael Hardwick Fiction – Women PoWs Paperback
Life and Death in Shanghai Nien Cheng Cultural revolution Paperback
Living With Japanese Terence Kelly POWs working in the Hitachi shipyard Hardback
Main Fleet to Singapore Russell Grenfell Naval actions in the Far East Paperback
Miracle on the River Kwai Ernest Gordon Christianity as a PoW Paperback
No Cowardly Past Dominic Puthucheary Military/Political Career of an Indian Army Soldier Paperback
No Time for Geishas Geoffrey Adams PoW story Paperback
One Day at a Time – Kinkaseki Arthur Titherington Allied slave labour Hardback
One for Every Sleeper Jeffery English Japanese death railway Hardback
Out of the Depths of Hell John McEwan Changi and Kinkasaki PoW Hardback
Prisoners of Hope Michael Calvert The Chindits in Burma 1944 Paperback
Retreat from Burma Lt Col Tony Mains British intelligence at the retreat of Burma Paperback
Retreat from Kokoda Raymond Paull Australian Army in New Guinea Paperback
Return from the River Kwai Joan and Clay Blair PoW survival at sea Paperback
Return of the Tiger Brian Connell Allied raid on Japanese-held Singapore 1943 Paperback
Road from Singapore Diana Norman POWs in Changi Paperback
Safer Than a Known Way Machorton & Maule Escape from Burma Paperback
Samurai Saburo Sakai Japanese pilots Paperback
Seventy Thousand to One Quintin Reynolds South East Asia war story Hardback
Singapore , the Pregnable Fortress Peter Elphick The downfall of Singapore Hardback
Singapore , We Got Away or Did We? Arthur McKenzie   Hardback
Sinister Twilight Noel Barber The fall of Singapore Paperback
Slaves of the Son of Heaven R. H. Whitecross Death railway Paperback
SOE Singapore 1941-42 Richard Gough   Hardback
Song of Survival Helen Colijn Women’s PoW camp and musical inspiration Paperback
Springboard to Victory C. E. Lucas Phillips The battle for Kohima Paperback
Tales by Japanese Soldiers Nunnely & Tamayama The ordinary Japanese soldier tells his story Hardback
The Allied Japanese Conspiracy James Mackay The Allied victims of Japanese war crimes Hardback
The Battle for Singapore Peter Thompson True story Paperback
The Bitter End Holmes & Kemp The fall of Singapore 1941-1942 Hardback
The Bridge on the River Kwai PierreBoulle The story Paperback
The Camp on Blood Island White & Guest PoW fiction Paperback
The Dawn Came up Like Thunder LeoRawlings The railroad of death Paperback
The Emperor’s Guest Sir John Fletcher-Cooke RAF officer’s story as a PoW Paperback
The Fall of Hong Kong Tim Carew   Paperback
The Fall of Japan William Craig Americans at the fall of Japan Paperback
The Fall of Singapore Frank Owen   Paperback
The Flame of Freedom Robert Hamond Escape from the railway of death Hardback
The Japanese Occupation

Of Malaya

Paul H Kratoska   Hardback
The Jungle is Neutral F. Spencer Chapman Force 136 in occupied Malaya Hardback
The Kamikazes Edwin Hoyt   Paperback
The Little Men K. W. Cooper The Burma campaign Paperback
The Long Green Tunnel Hew Crawford Escape from the railway of death Paperback
The Naked Island Russell Braddon Australian PoW in Singapore and Thailand Paperback
The Other Side of Tenko L.L. Baynes Changi and the death railway Paperback
The Piddingtons Russell Braddon PoW Singapore Hardback
The Raiders of Arakan Lucas Phillips Burma V Force Paperback
The Railway Man Eric Lomax PoW story set in Singapore Hardback
The Rats of Rangoon Lionel Hudson RAAF PoW in Rangoon Paperback
The Singapore Story Ken Attiwill   Paperback
The Tub Hugh Clarke PoW story Paperback
The Undefeated Robert Harvey The rise and fall of Japan Hardback
Their Last Tenko James Home The fate of Douglas Bader’s 242 Squadron in the Far East Hardback
Three Came Home Agnes Keith Story of a women’s PoW camp in Kuching Paperback
Towards the Setting Sun James Bradley Escape from the Death Railway Paperback
Unofficial History Sir William Slim The war in Asia Paperback
White Coolies Betty Jeffrey Australian nurse PoWs Paperback
With Wingate in Burma David Halley   Paperback
Women Beyond the Wire Warner & Sandilands Women PoWs in Sumatra Paperback
You’ll Die in Singapore Charles McCormac PoW escape from Singapore to Australia Hardback


Malayan Emergency

The Door Marked Malaya Oliver Crawford Malaya 1954-55 Hardback


History of Malaya

Singapore Sequel Capt. L.D. Gammans Post-war structure of Malaya and Singapore Paperback
The Consumption of Kuala Lumpur Ziauddin Sardar KL Paperback
The Making of Modern Malaya M. J. Ryan   Hardback
This is Malaysia Gerald Cubitt/Wendy Moore   Hardback
The Singapore Story Lee Kuan Yew Memoirs Hardback
Third World to First Lee Kuan Yew Memoirs Hardback
RAF Labuan Borneo David Bale Station history Paperback


Singapore Armed Forces

Aeroplanes That Flew Over Singapore  

L M Mani/Teo Yew Chiat

Flying Colours Colin Cheong Singapore youth flying club Hardback
Where Lions Fly Goh Yong Kiat 100 years ofaviation Hardback



Malaysian Mosaic Jim & Helen Gibbens Travelogue Paperback
Rasa Singapura Josephine Chia Asian menus Paperback
SHERA 40th Anniversary 2008 Comet Printing Souvenier book Paperback
Singapore Travel Yeo Toon Joo Travelogue Paperback