Article 1. Name

The name of the Association shall be `RAF SELETAR ASSOCIATION`


Article 2. Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to bring together former comrades who served in Singapore and by organising an Annual Reunion and regional gatherings foster new friendships.


Article 3. Membership

  1. Membership is open to all RAF and civilian personnel and their relatives, who served at any RAF Station on the island of Singapore. Also included are past and present personnel of the Singapore Armed Forces who served/serve at Seletar Base and Members of the Seletar Flying Club.
  2. Honorary Membership and also the appointment of Honorary Life Vice-Presidents, with the award of an appropriate framed certificate, shall be at the recommendation of the Committee and subsequently confirmed at an Annual General Meeting.
  3. Should any Member bring the Association into disrepute, the Committee retain the right to expel that Member.

Article 4. Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall comprise of the following Officers:

Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Welfare Officer, Liaison Officer Coordinator, Web-site Officer, Press & Publicity Officer, Subscriptions Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Reunion Organiser, RAFSA Shop Officer, RAF Tengah Representative, and the Singapore Area Coordinator.

  1. These posts can be deleted or added to as required.
  2. The President and Vice-President are Honorary non-voting Posts. They may attend Committee Meetings and claim expenses.
  3. More Committee members can be co-opted but are not part of the Executive Committee.
  4. Election of Officers shall be held only at an AGM.
  5. Job specifications for Officers are detailed in Appendix 1.
  6. Expenses allowances for all Committee Members are detailed in Appendix 2
  7. There shall be a minimum of two Committee Meetings annually. Sub-Committees shall meet as and when required. A quorum of five Committee Members is required to hold a meeting.
  8. Each Committee Member shall serve one term of three years. There shall be no limit to the number of consecutive terms a member can stand for election to the same or another post.
  9. A Committee Member who is absent from two consecutive Meetings, without good reason, shall be ineligible to stand for election at the next AGM.
  10. Nominations for election of Officers and Committee members shall be submitted to the Secretary, in writing, 14 days prior to the AGM. Alternatively, a nomination can be proposed and seconded at the AGM providing that the Nominee, Proposer and Seconder are all present.


Article 5. Annual General Meeting

  1. Motions for approval shall be conveyed to Members via the Newsletter or in the Reunion Welcome Pack.
  2. The Proposer of a Motion or Amendment will be allowed to put their case for a maximum of 10 minutes. Each succeeding speaker will have a maximum of 5 minutes
  3. The decision of the Chairman shall be final. If this decision is challenged, the motion shall be deferred to an EGM or the next AGM.

Article 6. Financial accounting and audit

  1. The Treasurer will maintain proper accounting records for all the Association`s financial transactions and prepare Annual Accounts. The procedures undertaken should provide all the evidence required to ensure that the objects of the Association are being carried out. The Treasurer will maintain a Bank Current Account. Cheques drawn on the Account will have two signatures – that of the Chairman and Treasurer, or one authorised signature plus that of either the Chairman or Treasurer. This instruction also applies to Direct Debits or Standing Orders. All signatories will be submitted to and agreed by the Bank concerned.
  2. Two non Committee Members or selected non Association Members will be appointed to the position of Auditors and conduct an Audit of the Annual Accounts. An appropriate Audit Certificate will be issued by the Auditors. Only one Auditor is required if the appointee holds a recognised Accountancy qualification.
  3. The Annual Accounts will be submitted for approval and adoption at each Annual General Meeting.


Article 7. Data Protection Act and Copyright Law

  1. The Association is committed to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will process personal data fairly as a RAFSA Membership List.
  2. Personal information to include names, addresses, contact numbers and other details will be processed to make up that membership List. The Association only holds information about Members that is already in the public domain. Membership Lists can be requested, with payment of an appropriate fee, by RAFSA Members only.
  3. The Association will only hold information as supplied by a Member when joining and will delete that information when Membership expires or is terminated.
  4. The Association will not knowingly contravene the Data Protection Act or the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 by publishing any material in the Newsletter or on the Website. Permission for publication of restricted material must be agreed to by the Originator.


  1. Material (text and picture) donated to RAFSA is considered the property of RAFSA. No material with `strings attached` shall be accepted by RAFSA. The playing of a sound recording by a non-profit making Organisation is permitted by the Copyright Law.



We, the undersigned, confirm these Standing Orders have been agreed and accepted by the Association members. Any amendments shall be voted on only at the Annual General Meetings.




——————————— ——————————–

Chairman Secretary